Saturday, February 18, 2012

A legend passes

On a trip to see one of the Thayne sisters married in Arizona, we received word that our Grandpa Harry Thayne had finally made his way home, after 92 very productive and influential years on this earth. Paisley Farms was watched over and given input on pig and cattle health, facilities, and fields. We would bring runt piglets home for him to nurse back to health. We even caught him slipping his own oxygen mask over the face of an ailing piglet.

Talk about a man who had seen a lot. Over the years he would tell and retell his stories, making sure we were ready for any hard times because he had seen so many during the depression era, during wartime, and other health and financial difficulties. Luckily, his children and grandchildren have recorded many of these instructions through audio tapes and transcriptions.

Harry was beloved by all for his ingenuity, dogged determination to live through accident, after cancer, after heart trouble, after deaths of loved ones. His testimony of his Savior Jesus Christ is a great blessing to all of Harry and Carrie's beloved posterity.

Until we meet again Grandpa!